Two (or more) heads, are always greater than one. As long as each one still thinks for herself.

Clean <code>

Keep your code DRY, atomic and commented for the next person (it'll likely be you!)

Always learning

The best part of working on the web! Always changing, evolving, improving.

My skills

Languages: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (ES5-6), JSON, XML, SQL, PHP, C#, VB.Net, C

Tools and Frameworks: Git, npm, Gulp, Babel, REST API, React, Angular, Ionic, SASS, Bootstrap, jQuery

CMS experience: Drupal, WordPress, Kentico, Umbraco, Perch

Other skills: Comfortable in Command Line, vim, SEO, Coding sites for search engine friendliness, Google IQ Cert, Photoshop, Visual Studio, TFS, Iterative workflow, Dreamweaver, billiards, ping pong and power napping

more about me...

Chapter 1

US NavyFixing anything and everything electronic on an airfield. I worked on different types of radar, navigation and telecommunications equipment - from the latest NexGen weather radar to radios that used tubes. I learned a lot about critical thinking and how to research and find solutions to problems quickly. And living in Hawaii was pretty cool too.

Chapter 2

FinanceCollecting and interpreting financial data and building financial models. Obtained the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) certification. This led to programming financial models using VBA and helping financial analysts build models and doing some programming in VB.Net. I had discovered programming.

Chapter 3

FreelanceUsing the skills I developed in programming by building custom applications. And taking time off from full time work to spend more time with my kids while they were young. I went back to school to learn more .net programming but found myself drawn to web development when I realized its potential and saw the direction applications are going.

Chapter 4

Web DevelopmentI worked a few years for an SEO Internet marketing company making updates to Drupal and WordPress, researching modules and plugins, performing QA and helping to coordinate updates and building of new sites by our team in India. Then I moved on to a full service marketing company where we have quite the mix of website technologies. I work on everything from Kentico (a C# CMS you've likely never heard of), WordPress, Umbraco (another C# CMS using MVC), ColdFusion, PHP sites among others. I have a reputation as the person who figures out what is going on even when I barely know what I'm looking at, and for taking on the ugly projects that nobody understands and figuring them out. Since I'm not always working on the most cutting-edge web technologies, I spend a lot of my spare time learning about new technologies.

Chapter 4



Examples of some projects I've either made entirely myself or largely contributed to building/maintaining.